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4 peaks scenic tour

Medium difficulty walk near Faaker See

Mysterious mountain landscapes, hidden power places, areas of forest steeped in myth and the four peaks Wauberg, Petelin, Bleiberg and Tabor with their wealth of views. The adventure starts right by Faaker See. We immerse ourselves in a mountain landscape steeped in myth and legend, almost overgrown with forest and severely marked by erosion.

There are stories about caves difficult to access, old refuge castles and collapsed passageways. Five mountains watch here over Faaker See and the entrance to the Rosental. Four of them are our destination.
From Egg at Faaker See, the tour leads over Wauberg with old Roman wall remains, via Rudnik, with its former passageway system, to Petelin, which affords a magnificent view into the valley Drautal as far as Tabor peak, from which one can enjoy perhaps the most beautiful view of Faaker See. The hike is also suitable for children who enjoy walking.

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