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2 adults

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Der Tschebull

The Tschebull in Egg on Lake Faaker

The family-run traditional guest house Tschebull in Egg on the turquoise-blue Faaker Lake is one of the oldest restaurants in the whole of Carinthia, which still embodies tradition and pampers its guests with culinary delights. The Tschebull is one of the oldest restaurants in the whole of Carinthia, and a place that succeeds in combining traditional and modern cuisine.

In the restaurant Tschebull, traditional Carinthian cuisine is upheld according to the high standards of using only the best basic products in the kitchen, which the region and nature currently offers. Even craft is celebrated at the Tschebull according to all the rules of art and so "homemade" is not an exception, but the daily rule and that is something you can most certainly taste.

The owner Hannes Tschemernjak has made a name for himself by specialising in "fire kitchen" - cooking by the open fire as the most original form of cooking, and so in the summer grilling takes place almost daily at the impressive steel barbecue directly above the blazing fire. From the very beginning, connoisseur Hannes Tschemernjak and his restaurant Tschebull have been part of the KÜCHENKULT-family and inspire year after year.




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