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Die Kaffeemacher

The coffee roasters Kaffeemacher in Villach

The coffee roasters Kaffeemacher in Italienerstrasse in the Villach old town brings coffee enjoyment "back to the beans". This means, as the name reveals, that coffee is still "made properly" here. Not just any or anyhow, but exclusively with the best self-roasted beans, using a suitable method.

The coffee roasters "Kaffee macher" in the centre of Villach soon made a name for itself among Carinthian coffee lovers after opening in the year 2017. A new coffee house culture is practiced here and is very popular among the visitors to the "Kaffeemacher".
The two operators and gastronomy professionals Yvonne Krakoling and Martin Kribitsch have made it their task to bring the so-called "Third Wave of Coffee" to Carinthia and promise coffee savouring that is "back to the beans". The raw, high-quality coffee beans are sourced from 14 coffee nations around the equator, while the refining and roasting of these takes place directly in the "coffee laboratory" on Italienerstrasse in Villach.
The exemplary maxim of the two cordial operators and the whole team is to prioritise quality. Apart from the coffee, all the products, from the milk to the bread, are sourced exclusively in the Alpine Adriatic region.



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