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Hotel Restaurant Zollner

Not a single kilometre of transport route from the source to the plate

At Hotel Restaurant Zollner great importance is accorded to regional cuisine and "zero kilometre dishes".

Have you ever enjoyed a menu whose ingredients have travelled zero kilometres from the source to the plate? At the restaurant of Hotel Zollner you have the opportunity to do so. The quality and source of regional ingredients is important to the team, because products without long transport routes not only boast an excellent quality but are also kind to the environment. The freerange geese therefore come from St. Veit, the potatoes from the Stoif farm in St. Egypden and the eggs directly from the farmer Alfred Rabitsch at Faaker See. The house garden also plays an important role, of course, with harvests of leaf salads, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. The fruit for desserts, jams, apple juice, homemade brandy, chutneys and jellies also comes from the orchards right nearby.

Sweet and hearty
Bacon, osso collo, our own sausages, mince spread and pates are produced at our own smokehouse, while when it comes to fresh baking we trust in the Gregori bakery in Gödersdorf. Whether it is homemade bread that gives the breakfast buffet a homely aroma or freshly baked pastries - you can look forward to fresh goods daily from the region.

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