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Die Peterlewand is a small but fine climbing park / via ferrata in St. Urban in Bodensdorf.

The Peterlewand is situated in a fairly hidden location in St. Urban, nestled between trees and looking rather inconspicuous from afar. At the time of the Counter-Reformation it was a place of strategic importance and is described in the book “Das Volk ohne Heimat” (people without a home) written by Gustav Renker. A pupil set up the first routes from Bodensdorf, aged 16-18 years old.
Over time this climbing park had been neglected somewhat, before it was removed completely from the climbing guidebook.
The Peterlewand was finally awakened from its deep slumber in early 2015. The existing sport climbing routes were renovated and upgraded by adding new and interesting routes suitable for both beginners and advanced climbers.

Wall Characteristics
The Peterlewand is long east facing wall made up from prehistoric rock and approximately 35 m high. Additionally it has a slight overhang in most places, with some places even being extremely pendulous. It offers the climber several opportunities to enjoy picturesque views of the Ossiacher See (Lake Ossiach). A few areas of the Peterlewand are vertical or slightly inclined. The wall offers a variety of rock climbing holds, such as edges and various round holds. Despite its athletic challenges it still offers plenty of opportunities for beginners, enabling an introduction into the sport of climbing.
In addition to the via ferrata routes, about 25 – 30 new sport climbing routes were set up and refurbished.
Via-ferrata: 3 variants, two of which are level A/B and one difficult variant with a key section which has a difficulty level C/D (difficult to very difficult)

Sport climbing routes: Approximately 30 routes with difficult levels ranging from 4+ to 7a. Most of these routes are towards the more difficult level of this range.


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