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The Citrus Garden

The organic citrus garden

The organic lemon farmer from Lake Faaker, Michael Ceron, has been a valuable member of the KÜCHENKULT team and masters gourmet cuisine at home and abroad with his citrus fruits from all over the world. The glass house of his citrus garden not only offers the plants and fruits a beautiful home, it is also the stage for several KÜCHENKULT -events.

The connoisseur Michael Ceron is known for his very special collaborations with various chefs of the region.

However, the citrus garden is also a popular year-round destination. Around 280 different citrus varieties from all over the world are gathered here, cultivated into potted crops for the garden lover or planted out for fruit harvesting. It is therefore a good idea to stroll between the fruits and their scent, moving around easily on the open 4000 m2 Mediterranean garden. An unbeatable experience!

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