ST14 AAT: Döbriach - Langalmtal


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This stage will lead you from Döbriach via Radenthein along the mill trail towards Erlacherhaus. You will come across garnets again and again. As you walk along the Kneipp and mill hiking trails your senses will all seem to be at one with nature.

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We start in Döbriach, where at Sagamundo, the house of tales, myths and legends to do with the Mirnock giant are told and can be enjoyed via multimedia presentations. From here we hike to the urban municipality of Radenthein, the entrance to the Nockberge biosphere reserve. Here in Radenthein you must not miss the Granatium, where you can search for and find the “firestone of love”, as the ruby red garnet is also known, in the prospecting centre.

From the Granatium the hiking trail leads us northwards towards Kaning. The Türkhaus is the starting point for the Kneipp and mill hiking trail, which will lead us into the Langalm Valley. Walking past the herb and flower gardens, the mini-mill and the Neuwirt mill (a show mill) we reach the bakery, go past the various mills to the Veidlmühle mill and the stone shower, then we pass the Bärenwand climbing wall and come to the trapper’s hut and the Adammühle mill. We return on the other side of the stream. If you choose to take the path from the Adammühle into the Langalm Valley, after around 30 minutes’ walk you will reach the Aichholzerhütte lodge, where you simply must stop for something to eat. A hearty snack served on a wooden board, cheese and dairy products taste especially good after this hike. Special things to watch out for: the Neuwirt twin mills (bread baking courses once a week), barbecue sites (where you can barbecue the food you have brought with you), Kneipp pools and places of energy and power, newly constructed wooden well, display boards. We then walk comfortably past the Petodnighütte lodge and through a light larch forest to the Erlacherhaus.

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