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Alpe Adria Karavanke/Karawanken (SIAT46)

Wander- und Tourenstartplätze – Erlebnisraum Faaker See

Common challenge:
The development of tourism is generally planned at national or regional levels without effective cross-border co-operation. So far, no effective cross-border approach for the development of sustainable tourism and of a specialised cross-border tourist offer has been developed for the cross-border area Alpe Adria Kararavanke/Karawanken. This area is rather weakly developed, even though it has great potential for the development of tourism. The general objective is to strategically plan the sustainable development of the Alpe Adria Park Karavanke/Karawanken area with the following outputs:

• drawn-up comprehensive valorisation of the cross-border area,
• developed specialised tourist offer of hiking, cycling and winter adventures,
• new knowledge and qualifications of tourist service providers and other stakeholders,
• innovative cross-border marketing approaches (mobile application, adventure weekends etc.),
• long-term strategic tourism development plan,
• cross-border booking centre and innovative cross-border platform.

Planned approach: A combination of the bottom-up and top-down approaches will be used. With the innovative methods of work, innovative solutions and approaches will be used that can be realised in a quality way only by a good cooperation and networking of beneficiaries: partners and target groups (municipalities, public institutions, SMEs, sectoral agencies, general public) in the cross-border area.

What is new:
The underdeveloped cross-border tourist area will be placed on the international tourist map for the first time with an innovative range of products and marketing approaches. Furthermore, the cross-border development of the green tourist region Alpe Adria Karavanke/Karawanken will be ensured. All of the above will guarantee a long-term development of sustainable tourism in the area, create new jobs and increase the number of overnight stays.

Hiking launch site

The service begins for the respective village in a central location (eg village center, tourist information) and is considered as a transition into the hiking experience in the countryside. The Wanderstarkplatz establishes the connection between the location-related needs of the hiker / cyclist and the brand promise and fulfills the function of distribution or forwarding.

• Siting with a view of the natural landscape
• Possibilities of personal consultation (TI)
• Location plans and panorama boards with marking of tour starting places
• Supra-regional orientation overview
• Start of the signposting (to the tour starting places)
• Wanderrelevante information (Informator)
• Möbilar reflecting the theme of the hike
• Parking and mobility connection
• Sanitary facilities

Tour launch site

The tour starting place is located at the beginning of one or more hiking tours and can be reached on foot or by car. More tour starting places are optimally connected by a circular route (eg village roundabout).

• Name of the tour starting place
• Panorama boards with walking routes and localization
• Location plans and viewing panoramas
• Hiking relevant information
• Parking and mobility connection
• Signpost and signposting
• Gastronomic supply
• Sanitary facilities

Location Selection

Hiking and tour starting place:
1. Kanzianiberg
2. Oberaichwald
3. Neuegg on Faaker See
4. Faaker Au/Mooswiesen

Hiking and tour starting place:
1. Tourist Information Drobollach
2. Polana / Dobrova

Project duration:
1.5.2017 – 30.4.2020


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