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2 adults

Room 1


At the Waldseilpark Taborhöhe

Archery is a sport of contrasts - tension and relaxation, concentration and letting go. It is suitable for all ages, from the age of ten, and does not require a lot of preparation time. Equipped with solid outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear, the adventure can begin after a short introduction.

As a beginner you will feel excited with anticipation, after all, almost everyone has tried their hand as a child with a bow and arrow. When it comes to concentration, archery is often compared to golf. In traditional archery, you can quickly find the balance of technique, power and concentration. Excitement rises further when you feel the pull of the string of the bow in your fingertips, aligning rear and front sight and eventually let go, sending the arrow on its journey. The typical humming sound that follows is like music to the ears for many. After an elegant flight, the arrow ideally pierces its destination. Bulls eye! Until that time, however, it takes a little practice. Fun is guaranteed in any case.

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