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Bad Bleiberg

From mountain farmer village to spa resort

An astonishing find occurred here, in 1951, when a couple of friends accidentally drilled into a thermal spring, when actually the miners wanted to mine lead as usual. However, this extraordinary inrush of warm water has changed the mining village forever.The only things being flushed out here today is stress, respiratory diseases and rheumatic ailments.

The Thermal High Valley Bad Bleiberg, west of Villach, has become a renowned wellness and spa town with a top hotel industry and a spa centre. This is where the precious thermal water flows. Beneficial. Invigorating. Alleviating.
Another legacy from the mining era is the two publicly accessible Healing Climate tunnel "Frederick" and "Thomas". Breathe in the healthy healing climate – at 8 degrees air temperature and with humidity of 99%. The Thermal High Valley Bad Bleiberg is also considered to be the North Gate to the Dobratsch Nature Park and is one of the four natural park communities. Countless marked paths lead here to the Dobratsch, to the Erzberg or along the valley. All you have to do is decide: Hiking, Nordic walking, running? Depending on your heart's desires, you can enjoy a relaxing flat route or a challenging mountain tour.
Parts of the former tunnels in Bad Bleiberg are now used as show mines. The Mystical Wonder World "Terra Mystica" and the" Terra Montana, "which shows the working world of the miners. Also on show are: The entertaining "Terra Humoristics"– with funny ceramic figures; this is an experience for the whole family.

Tourism Information Bad Bleiberg
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9530 Bad Bleiberg

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