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Ski centre Gerlitzen Alpe

Powder piste paradise

Powder and piste fun are back in season. A glance up reveals: Mother Hulda is doing her job really well, having cloaked the whole mountain massif in a wintery new snowy dress. Gerlitzen Alpe is considered THE top family ski resort in Carinthia and is the only certified ski centre for families with children, as well as beginners.

Wide slopes, leisurely or exciting descents, 25 optimally prepared ski pistes, endless panoramic views. Gerlitzen Alpe at the heart of Carinthia.

Box seats. Figures that speak for themselves: 25 ski pistes for beginners to professionals, 42 kilometres of pistes, 15 modern lifts, 12 rustic chalets, 12 webcams, 3500 parking spaces in Annenheim, Klösterle and on the mountain. It is not far to the box seats up to Gerlitzen Alpe: from Ossiacher See you drift gently with the cable car to skiing fun.

Natural spectacle. On the peak plateau you can experience a true winter wonder. What a breathtaking panorama! Lake upon lake, peacefulness itself, the flow of the Drau, mountains like sculptures, embedded in a cloud of clouds like cotton wall - soft and fluffy. For those who would like to enjoy this marvellous view at sunset: the top hotels on Gerlitzen Alpe are especially ideal for dreaming.

And a couple more facts: owing to the latest snow cannon facilities, it is possible to ski on Gerlitzen Alpe from December to mid-April. And if you encounter an ice bear: not to worry! It's the Gerlitzen Bino bear, the little mascot.

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Ski and snowboard school Gerlitzen Villach

Ski and snowboard school Gerlitzen Villach

What would a winter holiday in Carinthia be without real skiing fun? Learn to ski or snowboard in just three days and enjoy your winter holiday in Carinthia! Together with the excellent skiing and snowboarding instructors, both beginners and restarters can explore the pistes of Gerlitzen Alpe - with guaranteed success!


Winter - ELR Ossiacher See


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