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The 6 most beautiful picnic spots

Our guide Martina Kircher presents the five most idyllic picnic spots in the region

Where does a picnic taste particularly good? In nature of course! Especially if it represents break time as part of a hike or a nice excursion. Whether on a comfortable blanket or a beautiful bench in the shade of an old tree, whether a real Carinthian snack, a few healthy snacks or a glass of sparkling wine to toast - our top tips will delight you.

Hi, I'm Martina, the storyteller. Nature is my working space and my living room all at the same time. Nowhere does a snack taste as good to me as it does outdoors, whilst listening to a free concert from the birds. However, I get sad when I see waste scattered around, animals getting captured or meadows being disturbed and walked over. We are allowed to use nature as a recreation space, but it does not belong to us. Let us keep nature clean, as a sign of thanks and respect, so that our children still get to enjoy it in the future.

1. At the Dobratsch – What the Wind Tells
Starting from the parking lot of the Rosstratte, you follow the path up and branch off at the first bend towards the new Gamsblick. In dry weather, I like to sit in front of the dwarf pine trees and look down into the Gailtal valley. If it's windy or wet, the new viewing platform offers a sheltered seating area. The wind tells old stories of the landslide, of the nearby sea and of the peaceful coexistence of the people in the Dreiländereck.

2. The Jungfernsprung – The colours of the lake
The castle Landskron visibly protrudes from the forest. The “Burgherrenrunde” trail runs safely through the historic property. Walking past the castle ponds and white marble slopes you get to the Jungfernsprung. Up there, between old beech trees and spruces, there is a cosy picnic spot. Looking up you will see the Gerlitzen Alpe, and when looking down you will be memorised by the colours of Lake Ossiach. It changes its colours from dark green to deepest black and tells tales of the nixes, fishermen and endangered virgins, until the wind makes its colour change into bright silver.

3. Kanzianiberg - the scent of herbs
Starting from Finkenstein in the direction of the ruin, the parking lot for the Kanzianiberg climbing garden is halfway there. From there a path leads around the mountain. Many old cultural assets have been rebuilt and clearly displayed panels provide information about the busy life of our ancestors. A waterway brings the world around the springs and streams. I am attracted by the little church up on the hill. A way of the cross leads up, on which it can be very slippery in wet weather. But the way is worth it. Up on the south side of the church is a small meadow. The thyme hugs the ground and the sweet and spicy scent unfolds with every step. Rare blossoms shine under the flowery ash and hop beech trees, on which butterflies are nibbling. Now close your eyes and breathe the scent of childhood.

4. Eichholzgraben – The water tells a story
Between the Oswaldiberg and Wollanig, a small valley leads from Villach to Treffen. Sometimes I walk up over the dam and through Wollanig, sometimes I drive past the Gasthof Bacher to Gritschach to the parking lot at Stein. After the former mill, a shady path begins here, which follows the stream up to Eichholz. In the summer, when it's hot, I love this shady place at the river, just after the mill. Here I can take off my shoes and let my feet dangle into the cool water. I just have to be careful not to fall asleep to the soothing murmur of the river.

5. A secret place – Where dwarfs lay the table
You will only find this secret place if you keep your eyes and ears open. Where are they? Wherever nature is still untouched. Mostly, where there are mossy spots where the morning sun shines and the strawberries and blackberries ripen. Is it to the left of the path or to the right? Where the choke chirps so beautifully or the bumblebee buzzes eagerly. Maybe just let your nose follow the sweet smell of raspberries.

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