Cable Railway & Bike - Gerlitzen Kanzelhöhe - Ossiacher See


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A scenic biking tour, beginning with a gondola ride that will also transport your bike up the mountain.

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From the Gerlitzen summit to the Ossiacher See (Lake Ossiach)!

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A suitable bike for the area with tested breaks, bike helmet, leisure clothes, wind jacket, sun-glasses, drinks, etc.

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This scenic biking tour begins at the foot of the Gerlitzen Alps with a gondola ride. After purchasing a ticket for the first leg of the tour and the gondola (including bike transport), you take the gondola to 1410 beautiful meters above sea level where the first part of the ride begins.

Once you get off the gondola, take an immediate left and bike on the nearby paved road which will take you to the former gondola station. After getting on the paved road you want to take a quick right and follow the road until it meets up with the “Mautstrasse” (tollway).

This is where the descent towards Treffen begins without any turns. Once you get to Treffen, you hop onto Millstätter Bundesstrasse (B98) where you turn onto bike path R2b back towards “Ossiacher See.” The bike path begins by going through Treffen, then later takes you through Neudorf where you cross “Ossiacher Strasse” near Billa and ride towards “Unterführung” (underpass). Before the underpass take a right and follow the bike path towards “Ausfluss Ossiacher See.” Right before the bridge you will bike along “St. Andräer Strasse” to the north. “St. Andräer Strasse” will once again cross the campgrounds. After a few minutes you will be back to the starting point of the tour on the shores of the Ossiacher See. There is a train overpass that goes to the Gerlitzen parking lot.

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There are plenty of parking spots available near the Gerlitzen gondola station.

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There are busses that drive to Annenheim from the Villach train station in regular intervals.

Click here for timetable information.

Click here for the Carinthia train station shuttle.

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All mountain bikers are kindly asked to only use the officially authorized streets on their descent, in this case "Gerlitzen Gipfelstrasse" to Arriach! Mountain bikers do not count as tourists for the right to use the trails because they are already using the roads and therefore excluded from the hiking paths and forest roads.

Please be considerate about your speed on the descent and pay attention to other bikers! Remember to abide by the "Mountain Bike Fairplay" rules :-)

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