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The Flowgartner Trail T25 is a mountain bike trail for beginners near lake Faaker See, directly at the Baumgartnerhof.

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We recommend first to try out the lower section nr. 2 first before you continue to the upper section nr. 1. Do not forget your mobile phone and GoPro for awesome photo and video material! ;-)

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(e)MTB, protective gear, drinking water & GoPro! ;-)

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The different routes to get to the Flowgartner Trail:

Option 1: Transfer route from Faak am See to the Flowgartner Trail (T25)

Option 2: From the Baumgartnerhof to the Flowgartner Trail (T25)

Flowgartner Trail (T25): The Flowgartner Trail has two access points. The lower one (Section nr. 2) is suitable for mountain bike beginners and is located in the lower half of the way up. From. Beginners should first try out the lower section of the Flowgartner Trails and then continue up to Section nr. 1.

The start of Section 1 is located at just over 1000m above sea level and offers a fabulous view over Lake Faaker See , Along the way, mountain bikers will find enough curves and waves to increase the driving fun. The trail itself is built in the upper section so that experts among the bikers have the opportunity to skip the waves.

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None available.

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Please use a suitable mountainbike and protective gear.

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