Gesundheitslauf - Jogging and Trail Running Arena Warmbad-Villach


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Flat course east of the railway line past the driving range and downstream of the Gail to the starting point Sportpark.

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Running shoes with good outsole, running clothes, drinks, changing clothes, mobile phone, first aid

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Starting at the starting point Sportpark, follow the running signs to the southern end of the driving range and turn left at the end of the path in front of the railway embankment. For a few meters it goes along the railway embankment before turning left into a forest section. The track once crosses the L51 Gödersdorfer Straße, then follow the footpath and cycle path to the Gail Bridge. Before the bridge turn left and after a few meters left again. Downstream, follow the flat paved footpath and cycle path until you reach a wooden bridge with adjoining parking. Here you keep left and follow the path along the Warmbach back to the starting point.

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Warmbad-Villach can be reached at regular intervals by public transport.

Click here for timetable information.

Click here for the Carinthia train station shuttle.

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The route leads over mostly steep forest and forest roads, which require a safe, coordinated and controlled running technique. Two different runner icons have been developed to differentiate the trail running tracks from the normal running tracks and are visible on each additional signage.

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