Lowgartner Trail - T26



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Lowgartner Trail T26 is a mountain bike trail for beginners near Lake Faaker See, directly at the Baumgartnerhof.

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If you would like to enjoy a longer descent, you can first go down the Flowgartner Trail.

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(e)MTB, helmet, protective gear, drinking water, smartphone & GoPro ;-)

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How to get to get via the transfer route from Faak am See to the Lowgartner Trail (T26).

The Lowgartner Trail is equally fun for beginners and advanced bikers and offers something for everyone. The entrance of the trail is directly at the Baumgartnerhof car park. The trail leads through the forest down to the junction between Outschena and Baumgartnerhof.

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Please use a suitable mountainbike and protective gear.

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