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This long walk takes you through the parks and recreational areas of the Draustadt Villach.

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Enjoy a Cafe Latte and a piece of cake in the Cafe Bernold (near the bridge that leads from the main square to the Bahnhofstraße) and then visit the tourist information opposite and find out about the other nature-activities in the Villach region.

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The Schillerpark is a small park with a biotope, a Schiller bust, a nice playground for children and the relief of Carinthia. From there it goes past the Peraugymnasium up to the 10th-October-Straße which one follows in a southerly direction up to the Evangelische Kirche. Behind the church there is the city park and a very nice fenced playground. Here you can either enjoy the silence and peace or the cheerful laughter of the children! After a short break, you return to Pestalozzi Street, which you follow westwards until you reach the junction with Italian Street, where you turn right. This small shopping street leads to Hans-Gasser-Platz (on Fridays the organic farmers' market takes place here). Via the Ringmauergasser to the north to the Drau and cross the bridge to the other side. Now you are at the beginning of the Villach Draubermen - there are many places and benches! Along the Drau you follow the bike/footpath to the Wasenboden - in the front part of this local recreation area there is a skater fun park and a large children's playground - in the back area it will be quieter and large trees will provide shade on hot summer days.

Then you cross the adjacent Draubrücke bridge over the Ossiacher Zeile and return to Peraustraße (at Heiligenkreuzkirche), which you follow back to the starting point.

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The starting point, Schillerpark, is best reached by post bus or Kowatsch bus (stop "10.-Oktober-Straße").

Click here for timetable information.

Click here for the Carinthia train station shuttle.

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