Rotschitza Klamm - Via Ferrata



Be careful in the entry area at the waterfall because of rockfall - NEVER get in after or in heavy rain! Highly recommended are the guided climbing tours through the alpine schools listed below.

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Via ferrata set, helmet, medium-strength mountaineering boots, safety rope for children and beginners.

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From the Baumgartnerhof a hiking trail (about 35 minutes) leads to the Rotschitza waterfall - follow the red markings. You will reach a forest road on which you go downhill to your left and then before the bridge turn right uphill into the forest. Turn left at the junction for the access path to the waterfall. Then you descend down to the creek and follow it uphill to the entrance of the small waterfall. Walk back on trail 683 to Baumgartnerhöhe (about 40 minutes)

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WINTER CLOSURE - Due to alpine hazards such as icing, the via ferrata was closed during the winter assembly and dismantled in sections.

Rockfall is possible - helmets and good equipment are mandatory!

Gorge and gorges are - despite their possible proximity to municipal road networks - to the alpine areas and mountaineering with corresponding alpine dangers. These dangers include:

  • self-initiated or externally triggered rockfall and dangers common in the forest, especially after storms (heavy rain, wind and snow breaks, branch shedding, etc.) despite annual inspections
  • danger of falling off the signposted paths or improper use of the infrastructure (bridges)
  • risk of slipping in wet conditions and icing through
  • fog

In spite of the annual infrastructural and organizational measures,appropriate equipment (see equipment recommendation) and an open eye for objective dangers must be observed.

Please stay on the signposted path! Parents are responsible for their children!

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