Sattendorf - Treffen


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Beautiful hike with views of Lake Ossiach.

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Finsterbach Waterfall Hike

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Leisure clothes, slip-resistant shoes, drinking water

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You begin this hike directly opposite the Sattendorf Tourist Information Center by walking on the “Aussichtsweg” upwards through a forest meadow. Soon you will arrive at a paved road called “Sprungweg.” Stay on this flat path and soon you will reach a small intersection where you turn right, to the west, and begin a climb. This path leads you under the Gerlitzen gondola where you know you have reached the Marhof path in Annenheim. You now take a left turn onto Bergstrasse and go upwards along the street, then take a right turn after “Tennenweg” in the direction of the “Panoramaweg” (panorama trail). Without any more turns, you follow the “Panoramaweg” until you reach its end at the “Jgh. Hütter/Treffen” junction. Here you must choose the lower trail that goes towards “Treffen,” which will keep you level for a while. After reaching the end of the forest on Julienhöhenstraße, you descend towards Neudorf. You then walk past the house with a giant rock (and a painted sun) in its garden, and take a right just before the main road. Soon you take another right away from the paved road and the forest trail leads you on a slight ascent towards “Jgh. Tschlein,” and soon after to the Gerlitzen tollway. You follow this downwards for a few minutes then take a left into the forest, where you will find a direct trail to Treffen.

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You can reach Annenheim or Treffen by taking a bus from the Villach main train station. Sattendorf is also reachable with the S2 train from Villach.

Click here for timetable information.

Click here for the Carinthia train station shuttle.

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