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The Van Durren Trail - T71 is a mountain bike trail for beginners directly on lake Ossiacher See.

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Before riding the Van Durren Trail, try out the Miki Trail, the Mini Trail and the Cody Trail first. Only when you feel confident on those, you can safely ride the Van Durren Trail.

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Riding on the trail is only allowed with the necessary protective equipment (helmet, goggles, gloves, protectors and suitable shoes) and a mountain bike appropriate in this area of use!

It is also recommended to bring along a mobile phone for making emergency calls and of course for taking pictures, a first aid kit, sufficient drinking water and a second person with whom you can ride the trail together.

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The Van Durren Trail - T71 starts above the village of Ostriach directly in the forest and ends there in a small trail traffic circle.

Start for the access road

To get to the Van Durren Trail - T71, it is best to start from one of the parking lots in the center of Ossiach. Buy your ticket, and start in front of the municipal office. All transfer routes (feeders) to the trails are also signposted.

Description of the access road to the trail entrance:

General part of the access road

Starting from the municipal office in Ossiach, first cycle in the direction of the main road (L49). At the junction with the L49, turn right and follow the R2A cycle path for about 1.5km in a westerly direction. At the entrance to Camping Kölbl you can now choose between a very steep ascent, which is more suitable for e-bikes (Nr. 14), and a normal ascent (Nr. 12).

Variant 1: The somewhat easier ascent via MTB Tour 12

From the entrance to Camping Kölbl, follow the R2A bike path for one kilometer. Along the cycle path you will then see an MTB sign with the indications MTB Tour 12 and 13 to the left. Here you turn left across the L49 and follow the forest road upwards. Be careful when crossing the main road! Please follow the MTB Tour 12 signs until you reach a sign that says "Transfer - Van Durren Trail". Turn left here. The first bit down is unfortunately a bit steep. If you don't feel up to it, push the first few feet. From there it is only a few meters to the trail entrance.

Variant 2: The very steep and difficult ascent via MTB Tour 14

From the entrance to Camping Kölbl, turn left across the L49 (watch out when crossing the main road!) and follow the asphalt road as far as it goes up until you reach the start sign for the "Challenger Tour - 14". Here you turn right onto the forest road and follow the very steep forest road and the signs for Tour 14 until you reach a sign that says "Transfer - Van Durren Trail". Turn right here and follow the tractor path. It is now only a few feet to the trail entrance.

Van Durren Trail - T71

Once you arrive at the trail entrance, simply follow the trail and the signs until you reach a MTB traffic circle in the woods.

Once there, you can pedal up a short steep climb back to the trailhead or continue your descent down the two blue trails "Sansily Trail - T72" and "Cody Trail - T73" to the valley. For professionals among you, the black "Parthy Trail - T70" can also be used as a descent into the valley.

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Ossiach is regularly accessible by public transport - for further information visit

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Similar to ski slopes and hiking trails, approved mountain bike trails and mountain bike single trails are also divided into difficulty levels. Essentially, the slope conditions, hazards, but also the trail condition are decisive for the classification into very easy, easy, moderately difficult and difficult trails.

It is recommended to start with the easiest difficulty level (green) and to inspect each mountain bike trail well in advance.

Riding on the trail is only allowed with the necessary protective equipment (helmet, goggles, gloves, protectors and suitable shoes) and a mountain bike appropriate in this area of use!

Definition of the difficulty of the trail:

The marking color blue stands for easy!

For whom is this trail suitable and what riding technique is required?

For trail beginners and advanced! Advanced mountain bike riding technique required: good balance, weight shifting to overcome obstacles, step riding, safe cornering and braking technique,possibly jumping technique and trail experience is required.


Fall from greater heights into relatively natural terrain possible

Trail conditions:

Uneven surface, grippy ground with occasional roots or larger rocks.


Small ledges and jumps.


Shallow. Average under 12%. Steepest section around 30%.


Narrow, but easy to roll through with longer flat out curves. Some artificial steep turns on flow trails.

Trail width:

Narrow. At least, however, 0.6m.


Rollable, safe main line. Variants possible for experienced riders.

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