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Guided town tours - discover the diversity of Villach

Everything about our guided town tours - the Drau town Villach has a lot of interesting facets to offer due to its chequered history

A variety of guided town tours offer suitable content for everyone: every Wednesday is a themed day, while children's and young peoples' tours take place on Thursdays and every Friday you can experience the popular old town walks.

Every Wednesday at 16.45, the guides from the "Kärnten Guides" society lead visitors through the old town
on a typical Villach theme.

Paracelsus - it is all in the dose
The town guide Lisbeth Stampfer shows and explains twelve historically significant spots with a direct relation to the medical practitioner and alchemist Paracelsus. All participants are served a special Paracelsus tea in the Upper Pharmacy.

Brewery town. Drau town.
Together with the town guide Gerlinde Klammer-Minichberger, immerse yourself in the interestingg>history of the Villach brewing tradition on the combined town and brewery tour- sampling included!

Villach between war and peace
On "Austria's rollercoaster 1918 to 1939 - Villach between war and peace", the town guide Gerlinde Klammer-Minichberger explains authentically and with a wealth of historical knowledge the events surrounding the memorial years 1918 and 1938.

Villach and its famous sons
In reference to the Austrian national hymn ("Heimat bist du großer Söhne"), the town guide Dagmar Fend-Wunsch follows the trail of famous Villach personalities, including:Thomas von Villach, Paracelsus und Paul Watzlawick.

Every Friday at 10.00, immerse yourself in the turbulent history of the old town and cast a glance behind Villach's scenes the town guide Lisbeth Stampfer.

Knight stories, French manners, medieval crimes, hidden treasures and old walls. Children and accompanying persons embark on a playful journey of discovery through past times every Thursday at 10.00 with Constanze Diechler.

Tickets and meeting point
All the guided town tours are free for guests with the Erlebnis CARD Villach! The following prices apply without a CARD:
Themed and children's/young peoples' tours: 11 EUR
Old town walk: 11 EUR
Reduced-price tickets are available for 9 EUR . Start and ticket sales at the tourist information Villach, Bahnhofstraße 3.


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