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Natur Aktiv Park

Active in the nature reserve

For some it is a running circuit, for others a beautiful walking path. Many children have learnt to cycle here and you have direct contact with nature. Many also come from the nearby town of Villach to use and experience this gem. Klaudia Ottowitz, author and painter, tells us something about this path.

From Ledenitzen, it was our path to the lake and long before one arrived at the lakeside road, we had seen it - the turquoise blue shining of the lake. On some days towards the afternoon one was even dazzled by the sunlight reflected by the surface of the water.
The connection to the lake through the moor was built by my great-great-grandfather Josef Arneitz, then the mayor and owner of the Gasthof zur Post, to transport the first guests to the Heinschele bathing huts by horse and cart. The path was therefore always made for guests - already from 1891.

The lakeside landscape of Faaker See was then a wildly romantic jungle - like the landscape reserve around the path today. Every morning thousands of birds' voices will delight you. Among reed plants, fragrant spruce pine, juniper bushes and rare orchids live deer, hare, fire salamander and other wild animals.
In the 1970s, the forest-moor path became Austria's most beautiful fitness trail. The idea of the fitness trail has experienced a renaissance in recent years - consequently the workout trail was completely newly laid out in the year 2014 by the enterprises around Faaker See.

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