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The Citrus Garden

Amazing! Such a heavenly scent!

You will be amazed and enchanted when you walk through Michael Ceron ́s citrus garden. Here we are in the South, albeit the South of Carinthia, but not in the Mediterranean. This collection, which is unique in Europe, is surprising to see because of the breath-taking variety of fruits on around 5,000 m2.
A collection of over 240 varieties of all citrus species, including edible lemons, oranges, bitter oranges, citrus limetta, cedrat lemons, mandarins, grapefruit, Bergamots and Papeda lemons; as well as around 2,000 trees which are full of fruit and blossoms at the same time. 180 different types of new varieties are planted in the new indoor garden, ready for the fruit harvest. When Michael Ceron talks about the taste of his lemons, then all senses are evoked. Edible lemons are not only ‚sour‘ in taste, but also have subtle basil and cinnamon flavours.
Connoisseurs value the cedrat lemon (or Corsican citrus), which are as big as melons, for the taste of its peel. These lemons are a secret tip among top chefs. Old varieties from the Medici Collection, such as Petrella and the Buddha’s Hand Citron with its many yellow fingers, are the highlights of the collection. These plants grow here in an organic environment, lovingly tended with great care.

Awarded the Carinthian quality seal

  • The wonderful citrus fruit garden near lake Faak
  • Inside the glashouses of the citrus fruit garden near lake Faak
  • The citrus fruit garden at lake Faak


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