Erlebnis CARD - free from all participating hosts.

The holiday paradise of Villach - Faaker See - Ossicher See in the south of Austria offers you unforgettable holiday moments from May to October with the Erlebnis CARD!
Choose from the enormous range of experiences in the Villach - Ossiacher See - Villach region!
Discover the most beautiful hiking paths, cycle tours and locations of the region.
A holiday for children and parents
There is also a varied programme for children, along with a range of cultural and gastronomic events where typical regional delicacies are served. Those who wish to do so can upgrade the Erlebnis CARD to the Kärnten Card - for free entry to more than 100 trip destinations throughout Carinthia. The CARD is available free from all participating hosts!
Special moments are all the more enjoyable when they are experienced and shared with others: the view over Carinthia from Gerlitzen Alpe, the sunset at the turquoise Faaker See, a blossoming meadow full of gladiolas, a fun walk through Villach.
With the Erlebnis CARD, you as a guest receive a colourful bouquet of possibilities in your hand, so you can enjoy fabulous moments at the heart of Carinthia. In total there are over 600 offers that have been put together by our hiking, nature and town guides, cycle guides and storytellers. They therefore offer you not only time together, but also special encounters and sometimes even quite personal insights into their homeland. It ranges from the SPRING FIT programme, which offers not only pleasant temperatures but also attractive programme items for families, leisurely sportspeople and ambitious cyclists, to the SUMMER ACTIVE programme and AUTUMN LEISURE. Apart from this special offer, from 1 May to 31 October there is a weekly fixed programme, as well as a range of activities to choose from. We are happy to tell stories about our homeland and to share this region with all those who find it just as beautiful as we do.
Information about the Erlebnis CARD
With the Erlebnis CARD, all guests of the Villach - Faaker See - Ossiacher See you can enjoy fabulous holiday moments as part of the SPRING FIT, SUMMER ACTIVE and AUTUMN LEISURE programmes.
How to I get the Erlebnis CARD?
You receive the Erlebnis CARD free of charge from all participating hosts in the Villach - Faaker See - Ossiacher See region.
Do my children also need a CARD?
Children and young people born from the year 2000 onwards do not need their own Erlebnis CARD (Kärnten Card is an exception) and can participate in the programme accompanied by an adult.
How long is the CARD valid for?
The card is valid from 1 May to 31 October of the respective year for the duration of your stay in the Villach - Faaker See - Ossiacher See region.
What does the Erlebnis CARD offer?
The CARD offers a wide range of hikes, cycle tours, town visits etc. that can be mostly made use of free of charge. You can find programme details in the Erlebnis CARD brochure.
Is participation in the programme free?
Participation in the programme is free. There may be supplementary charges for access or entry for very few programme items. These costs are clear on the programme description.
Must I register for the programme?
For many programme items, it is necessary to register in advance due to limited participant numbers. The registration must be by 15.00 of the previous day by e-mail: or telephone +43 4248 2336. (Exception: for the golf trial lesson, registration is required directly at the golf club at +43 4257 29201). You can find details of registrations under the respective programme descriptions.
How often can I use the services of the Erlebnis CARD?
The programme can be used as often as you like during your entire stay in the Villach - Faaker See - Ossiacher See region.
What conditions are there?
At the beginning of the tour, the guide must be shown the CARD. All the programme items take place at your own risk and parents are liable for their children. In principle, for all sports activities ensure suitable footwear, outdoor clothing, catering, sunscreen and weather protection. For cycle tours, you must bring your own bike and the relevant equipment such as a helmet and lock. You can obtain information and contacts about the bike and e-bike rental stations at our tourist information offices.
New: the participating hosts can book the payable Kärnten Card services directly in addition to your Erlebnis CARD, so you can enjoy toll roads, cable cars and many other services free of charge!


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