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The Extreme Hiking Route leads hikers on existing hiking trails along the municipal boundaries around the central municipality of Arriach. There are 6 control points to pass along the route. The hiker has the possibility to choose between three variants.

Variant 1: "arriachXtreme" The ascent requires very good physical condition and stamina. All three stages must be completed within one day.

Variant 2: "arriachTrilogy" The tour takes place in three stages, but the time period can be chosen freely.

Option 3: "arriachEnussrunde" The extreme tour is divided into several days with overnight stays in the Geigerhütte am Wöllaner Nock and on the Gerlitzen.

The hike along the municipal border of Arriach is extremely varied and includes the crossing of the two local mountains of Arriach, Wöllaner Nock (2145 m) and Gerlitzen (1911 m). Upon registration, the hiker receives a starter package consisting of a backpack, a lanyard with ticket, two drinks vouchers and a muesli bar. There is also a route description, route data and a hiking map.

After a successful hike, the participant receives a valuable SIGG drinking bottle and an entry in the success list on the homepage, depending on the variant chosen.

Registration fee for all three variants: € 20,-- (excluding overnight stays)

Of course the hiking route arriachXtreme can also be done at any time without registration (without starting package)!

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Depending on the variant chosen, the hiker can enjoy the wonderful views up to the borders of the country and indulge in culinary delights at the alpine huts.

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Good footwear, rainwear & if necessary headlamp & hiking map

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Stage one:

After the hiker has purchased the starting package at the local authority or at the Spar market on the village square, you leave the village in a westerly direction past the Four Evangelists Church and after approx. 500 metres you come to the fork in the road between Wöllan and Laastadt. One follows the road in the direction of Wöllan for about 40 m and arrives at the Haslerweg fork. From here you can take the faster variant of the municipal road to the farm access road. Follow Walcherhof. The more interesting but somewhat longer way leads over the Hofwanderweg through the forest in the direction of Wöllan first to the vlg. Gallerhof and at the end of the access road to the farm, slightly downhill on the left to the road to Oberwöllan. After a few metres uphill, you reach the access road to the Walcherhof and follow it to the farmstead. The path runs past the barn to the turnoff towards Dreihofen. Follow the signs for path 166, including stickers with the centre logo and Xtreme lettering, until you reach a crossover. From here the path descends again to the fork at which you turn right towards Graben. You cross the watercourse and follow the path straight ahead until you reach a pasture fence, which also forms the municipal border to the municipality of Afritz am See. The path leads steeply uphill for about 80 metres directly at the fence to a meadow, which you cross diagonally uphill and reach via a climb on the hiking trail 166. Following the markings on path 166, the ascent begins in the direction of Wöllaner Nock.

After a short ascent you reach the farmstead vlg. Düregger, where the first checkpoint with the letter "X" is located. The ticket is validated at the letter "X", and the ascent via path 166 to the village of Oberwöllan leads to the municipal road Oberwöllan. Uphill to the right you follow the road until you reach the farmstead vlg. Obkircher. From here there are again two possibilities for hikers. Either you follow the road in the direction of the toll road for approx. 600 m to the turn-off with the sign for path 166, or you walk past the Obkircher farm in the direction of vlg. Mahr, leaving the path at the farmstead and going uphill directly at the fence towards the edge of the forest, following the beautiful but steep forest path with old markings. When you reach a busy forest path, turn right and follow it until you reach the junction with path 166. Follow this beautiful path to the Wöllaner Almstall, where you have already reached the tree line and the last climb to the summit of Wöllaner Nock (2145 m) begins.

The container with the summit book and the punch (second checkpoint) with the letter "T" are attached to the summit cross. Enjoy the magnificent panoramic view for a moment and leave the summit plateau on path 163 in the direction of the Walder hut.

Once you reach the Walder Hütte, the path leads steeply downhill past the building towards the Geiger Hütte, which you can already see at some distance. At the Geiger hut there is the third checkpoint "R", in the hut you can get the day stamp and redeem a drink voucher.

2nd stage:

Either the old path a little steeper uphill or more comfortably along the road you reach after a few minutes the mighty ridge of the so-called "Plagrast". Now a beautiful and relaxing section begins on path 164 in an easterly direction over the "Buchskopf" and "Dürrer Baum" to the turn-off to Gnesau. From here follow the signs for Xtreme and Buschenschenke Ölgis towards Innerteuchen. At the Hoferalm you have reached the border to Himmelberg and follow the well marked hiking trail to the farmstead vlg. Ölgis, here is the checkpoint with the letter "E". From here turn right onto the "Buschenschankweg" on the municipal road downhill after the bend. After a brook crossing you reach a forest road on which you go downhill after a short time to the country road and also cross it immediately. Next to the country road runs the fitness trail, on which you take the path in the direction of the hiking centre Arriach-Gerlitzen.

Stage 3:

At the valley station of the Klösterlebahnen cable cars, the ascent to the summit of the Gerlitzen (1911m), approx. 900 m long, begins. The Xtreme hiker chooses the ascent over the ski slope, while the path variant leads the hiker to the Buschenschenke Steinacher and to the Wurzelpark, and the slope crosses the summit several times. Arriving at the Gerlitzen adventure mountain, you receive the second day stamp at the Gipfelhaus Gerlitzen and after a refreshing drink you leave the summit on trail 1771 in the direction of Stifterboden, where the hiker meets the well signposted Alpe-Adria Trail. Continue west to Steinernen Tisch and Hinterbuchholzer Hütte. The last checkpoint "M" is located here on the gable side of the farm building. From here the descent begins exclusively along path 109 to the village of Hinterbuchholz and on along the country road to Arriach.

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The use of the hiking trails and facilities along the hiking trails and paths is at your own risk!

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