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A pleasant tour around Lake Afritz.

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Early in the morning you can watch fishermen in their rowboats.

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Training shoes, walking shoes, or hiking shoes.

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This hike will take you away from traffic, all the way around the idyllic Lake Afritz. Beginning at the Afritz town hall you walk along "Ortsstrasse" to the west until you reach an intersection (Tobitscher), where you take a right. The path leads you to a curve which you must follow left to "Sonnenweg" (sun trail). This will lead you high above Lake Afritz, before you temporarily descend on the main road. After this quick descent, you hike back up to the previous height and arrive at a beautiful meadow. Staying at this height, you take a forest path that maintains a great view the whole way. At the end of the lake, the goal is to hike back down to the main road, cross it, and get back on a path that will take you past private beaches to the other side of the lake. Now you will follow a path along the water towards Afritz. Once you reach the village you will remain on quaint roads through "Scherzboden" and "Kraa." Finally, you will get to Hotel Mirnock, right next to the main road, which you cross. From there you are only 200 meters from the starting point which you will easily find.

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From Villach take the ÖBB postal bus towards Radenthein until Afritz.

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