Faak Dobrova - Nr. 21



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Bike on the western-most area of the Faaker See by Dobrova.

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Helmet, drinking water

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Beginning in the center of „Faak am See,” you ride on the federal highway (Landesstrasse) towards „Drobollach.” Immediately after going over the “Seebach” bridge, turn left and follow the paved road along the stream. After a few minutes you will reach the beginning of a large reed-bed area. There is a pedestrian/bike path leading through the natural preserve that is a part of this tour. At the end of the reed-bed area you will reach Höfling. Hop on the paved road on the right side and after going up a few meters, take a left. While riding you will have a magnificent view of the Karavanken to the west. Once you get to a church take a right onto the “Villacherweg” (Villach path) and follow the slope slightly upwards. Keep left at each of the three upcoming intersections and stay on the forest road past the meadows in the forest. After this there will be an obvious fork in the road which you follow to the right. The forest road leads upwards through a trench to a pair of houses. Take another right here and the path will be quite steep for a little bit. After a few minutes on the paved road, you exit the road on a sharp left curve that then goes sharply right (so straight in the end). Now that you are back on the forest road you bike on a flat path to the next house, which lies directly on the highway. Back on the asphalt again, the path stays parallel to the highway then to the right again. You bike past a pizzeria, then start a steep climb until you reach the main road (Bundesstrasse) and take the parallel street upwards. After an extended curve, take a sharp turn to the right and then a quick left after a few meters. The end of the climb is still on the main road. The path subsequently ascends slightly to the northwest beaches of the village of Faak am See, where you can meet back up with the federal highway (Landesstrasse). After a short climb you reach the town center/starting point of the tour.

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