Ffargartner Trail - T19



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The Ffargartner Trail is a built black single trail with many drops, doubles and steep sections for absolute pro riders and experts.

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From the start of the Ffargartner Trail simply follow the trial course to the end of the trail.

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In addition to the rules and necessary safety equipment applicable on all MTB tours and trails, the following things apply to the Ffargartner:

Attention. Track with big jumps, many doubles udn unclear drops.

Exclusively for advanced bikers with a lot of jumping experience!

Take your time to visit the track.

Safe jumping technique required.

Keep enough distance to the mountain bikers in front of you.

Keep jump and landing zones clear.

Before you venture onto the Ffargartner Trail, you should have a good command of all jumps on the Airgartner, Jumpgartner, Flowgartner, Liftgartner and Flowduro Trail!

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