Ossiacher See - Southern Shore


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A beautiful, family-friendly hiking route along the southern bank of the Ossiacher See (Lake Ossiach).

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Leisure clothing, slip-resistant athletic shoes, drinking water

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This family-friendly hiking route uses the hiking route Nr. 1, parallel to L49 on the Ossiacher Highway. It begins at Gasthof Messner on the “Heilige Gestade,” or holy shores, and then heads west. The course was recently marked clearly with signs that say, “zur Bergherrenrunde.” The difference in the altitude over the course of the hike is only a few meters and there are no major technical challenges. You spend most of the hike on the forest paths, and barely hear noise from the main road despite its close proximity.

Near the Berghof camp-site, you may opt for a slightly more difficult hike over the “Berghofwand,” however this requires you to be a sure-footed hiker. Follow the path near the valley past the Robinson Club and after a few minutes you will arrive at the tobogganing run. This is where the “Burgherrenrunde” begins with the ascent to the castle pond of the Landskron castle ruins, or you follow the path further to Gratschach, Zauchen, Landskron, etc.

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The bus leaves at regular intervals from the main train station, and can reach any of the potential stops.

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