Finsterbach Waterfalls

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One of the top trails in the region of Villach - easy hiking trail to three magnificent "Finsterbach" waterfalls.

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The waterfalls are ideally visited on the first day after a heavy rainfall. Despite the paths being more slippery, the waterfalls are at their absolute best on these days.

After rainfall you also may catch a glimpse of salamanders!

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Trekking shoes with treaded soles, backpack, rainwear, hiking sticks, drinks, maps, first aid, mobile phone

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From the elementary school you walk to the former "Gasthof zum Wasserfall." From here you follow the "Wasserfallweg" (waterfall path) north, slightly upwards until you reach the beginning of the Finsterbach canyon. After a few minutes you will quickly see the first waterfall . After taking a few photos, hike up along the left side of the stream around a few curves. After a few minutes you will already be at the second waterfall. The path to the third waterfall begins back on the main path, which you follow up until hitting a fork in the road, where you follow the signs to "3. Wasserfall." This path leads you into the Finsterbach gorge. After a little bit you cross a few small bridges over a stream and arrive at the third waterfall, the biggest of the three.

Follow the same route to get back to the starting point.

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Take a ÖBB train and exit at the station Sattendorf. Follow the way uphill to the elementary school / police station Sattendorf .

Click here for timetable information.

Click here for the Carinthia train station shuttle.

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Gorge and gorges are - despite the possible proximity to municipal road networks - to the alpine areas and mountaineering with corresponding alpine dangers. These dangers include:

  • self-initiated or externally triggered rockfalls and dangers common in the forest, especially after severe weather events (heavy rain, wind and snow break, branch shedding, etc.) despite annual controls
  • danger of falling off the signposted paths or improper use of the infrastructure (bridges)
  • danger of slipping in wet conditions and icing
  • through fog

In spite of the annual infrastructural and organizational measures, appropriate equipment (see equipment recommendation) and an open eye for objective dangers must be observed.

Please stay on the signposted path!

Parents are responsible for their children!

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