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Part stroll, part climb- this hike takes you past beautiful farms and courtyards to the center of Carinthia.

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If you want a shorter hike, you can drive all the way to the parking lot near the middle point.

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Training shoes or walking shoes

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From the parking lot hike up a narrow road to the Catholic church. From there you follow the clearly-marked signs north towards "Mittelpunkt Kärntens" (middle-point of Carinthia). At the end of the village, take a left and hike past a few farms until you reach a fork in the road. Here you follow the marked path to the right up into the forest. Later you will get to a prairie in the mountains and hike on the right side to "Hof Orter." Soon you will be back on a road- after the parking lot, take a right towards "Mittelpunkt Kärntens." You will walk through a prairie and a small trench, after which the trail goes through a series of bends until you reach the middle point.

In order to get back, hike to the parking lot you passed on the way to the middle point. After this you have several options. One option is to take the exact same route back. However, it is recommended to take a right after the parking lot. Follow the street until you get to a small trench. From here you head down to a natural monument called "Kandelaberfichte," or the Spruce Candelabra. You then follow a paved road down past "Weiler Laastadt," or the Hamlet of Laastadt, until you reach Arriach, where you will be back to the starting point in no time.

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By bus from Villach main train station (bus station) to Arriach.

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