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Finsterbach hiking path


We set off at a leisurely pace from the tourist information in Sattendorf, first crossing the federal road, then along Dorfstrasse to Wasserfallweg. Going slightly uphill, we follow the path to the entrance to the Finsterbachgraben and are soon at the first waterfall, Finsterbachfall, where it is pleasantly cool on hot days.

The path continues up a steep short uphill on the left side of the stream, past several curves up to the second waterfall, Kesselfall, which at 21 metres is the smallest of the three waterfalls, but is no less impressive. The two are only about a five-minute walk from each other. The wind whistles around your ears here, because the cascading masses of water cause air movement that is perceived as stronger wind due to the basin location. A retaining reservoir basin serves to regulate the water volumes. To get to the third waterfall, we must go back along to the main walkway and then go uphill a little to a fork in the path. Now we just follow the signs and continue into the Finsterbach gorge, fairytale forest of linden, acorn and elm. Between the trees, one can often enjoy a wonderful view over Ossiacher See. There is a special microclimate in the gorge with special types of plants that have adapted to the humidity, as well as mosses and ferns. We walk across two wildly romantic bridges along the walkway to the foot of Schleierfall. Owing to its height of 34 metres and its imposing drop, it is a great natural spectacle. With a bit of luck, one can see the most wonderful rainbows here. The same path leads back to the last fork. At this point, we have the possibility to extend the walk a little and to go along path no.2 to a wonderful viewing spot with a picture frame, or we can take the same route (path no. 34) back to Sattendorf.

Tip: it is worth extending the walk a little. Upon arrival at the highest point of the tour, you can enjoy the view and relax.

Danger of slipping when it is wet.



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