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The Carinthian Slow Trails stand for "slow motion" instead of "high speed" and offer leisurely, relaxed hiking in a careful approach to the landscape and to yourself. In terms of technique and difficulty, they are easy to walk, and at the same time very well-maintained quality trails and lead to scenic spots on the beautiful Carinthian lakes.

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Trekking shoes, casual wear, binoculars, camera, food and drink

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Starting from the monastery gate directly at the parking lot of the Wernberg monastery, you walk downhill in a few minutes to the two idyllic monastery ponds, which are managed by the Villach sports and breeding fishing association. Already here it is advisable to pause briefly with a view of the venerable monastery walls. Numerous species of fish are bred in the ponds and later released in rivers, streams or lakes. Accompanied by numerous themed panels on local fauna, you reach the bank of the Drauschleife after two stream crossings. The hammock invites hikers to relax and let their gaze wander over the water. The further path leads up a narrow zigzag path to a small vantage point. The most strenuous part would have been done, because now it's only downhill and after a few minutes' walk you reach the viewing platform. With a good pair of binoculars, the numerous bird species can be perfectly observed and discovered. Descending now goes again to the bank of the Drauschleife and without further differences in altitude you reach the Drau with an ornithologically interesting still water. In addition to the Drauschleife, this is a valuable habitat for breeding birds as well as migrating bird species. The indicated walking time only refers to the route from Kloster Wernberg to Drau. You should plan another 1 hour for the way back. Note: The path leads to the pier for the Drauschifffahrt, which has been pausing since the beginning of 2020 and which should have served hikers as a connection to Villach city center. We hope for a comeback of the Drauschifffahrt in the form of a hydrogen ship on the Drava. Ahoy!

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