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10 top tips for motorcyclists

The region of Villach offers extensive tours and mountain roads, all within easy reach

Through the Harley Davidson European Bike Week, which takes place every year in our region, we have probably become THE motorcycle hot spot in Europe. And rightly so. In addition to numerous extensive touring opportunities in the Alpine-Adriatic area and various mountain roads, the region “Villach - Lake Faaker – Lake Ossiacher” offers a variety of activities in close vicinity.

With the annual Harley-Davidson European Bike Week taking place in our region, we have probably become the motorcycle hot spot of Europe. And rightly so.

1. Villacher Alpine Road – Magnificent bends up to 1732 metres above sea level_ A truly pleasurable tour for fans of winding roads is the 16.5 km long Villach Alpine Road with its numerous viewing spots and great photo opportunities. Once you arrived at your destination, enjoy some time in one of the mountain inns which offer a wide variety of Carinthian specialties. Discover the Dobratsch Nature Park from its best side and venture out for a hike over the lush pastures.

2. The old town of Villach – strolling, posing and relaxed shopping: During the European Bike Week in 2016, the Harley Davidson Community was permitted to ride through the main square of the city with their motorcycles (at walking pace) for the first time and to park their gems amidst the old town scenery whilst enjoying a relaxed coffee break, delightful Alpine-Adriatic specialties or a small shopping trip.

3. Gerlitzen Alpe with gondola – Short break at high altitude: Directly from Lake Ossiach, you can reach the Gerlitzen Alp with the gondola “Kanzelbahn”. Give your V-Twins a short break in the spacious car park in Annenheim and embark on an unforgettable panoramic journey by gondola. Numerous alpine huts and perfect panoramas – simply gorgeous!

4. Lake Ossiacher – discover places and the unexpected
Lake Ossiacher has been an integral part of the large Harley-Davidson Parade for many years. However, you should definitely visit and discover the lake for yourself at a relaxed pace. The many places and destinations around the lake encourage you to make stops along your journey. A special tip is to visit the town of Ossiach, where you can take a snapshot of your motorcycle in an enchanting setting against the backdrop of the Abbey Ossiach (venue of the Carinthian Summer festival). If you fancy a short detour onto the water, we recommend a lake tour by boat with the company ‘Ossiacher See Schifffahrt’. A scenic end to the tour is the Landskron Castle with its majestic eagle show and the “monkey mountain”.

5. Three-country mountain railway – with just a few steps in three countries
You don't believe it? Then you should pay a visit to the Dreiländereck (border triangle) with the cable car on one of your excursions. Close to the mountain station and the mountain restaurant, you can enter Slovenian, Italian or Austrian territory at your whim. Your friends back home won't believe you either, so go for it and secure photo evidence.

6. Bunker museum Wurzenpass – pit stop for steel and history fans
Especially for steel fans, the region offers a very special highlight: The Bunker museum at the Wurzenpass. What was once a militarily secured area during the cold war period is now one of the most popular biker routes leading from Carinthia to Slovenia over the Wurzenpass. A stop at the Bunker Museum is a must on this tour, as it offers an exciting display of old safety systems, tanks and other military vehicles.

7. Taborhöhe – Simply stunning, or shall we say simply turquoise.
A view from above? The Taborhöhe, east of Lake Faaker, offers next to the adventurous forest rope garden, 3D bow parkour and the Tabor hut the most turquoise view over the entire Lake Faaker. You won't believe this sight if you haven't seen it for yourself.

8. Dobratsch round trip with Bad Bleiberg
Majestic-looking, the Dobratsch can be found west of Lake Faaker. The nature park can not only be discovered via the Villach Alpine Road but is also perfect for an extended round trip around the mountain. Passing many small places with opportunities for refreshments, you reach the former mining town of Bad Bleiberg during the tour. An underground visit to the mining museum Terra Mystica is definitely worth it. The Bleiberg high valley is greatly appreciated for its clear air. Make sure you plan a break, take a deep breath and just enjoy.

9. Egger Marterl – This picture should be in every biker ́s album
Are your mobile phones and cameras ready? A mandatory stop on one of the many trips around Lake Faaker is the Egger Marterl. Place your Harley-Davidson in the oversized picture frame and immortalise your gem against the unique backdrop of Lake Faaker and the Mittagskogel. We look forward to your pictures with hashtag #Harleywood on our Social Wall at and, of course, on Instagram and Facebook.

10. Carinthia – water fun in all weathers
Whether to refresh or to warm up after a long tour. The KärntenTherme Warmbad-Villach offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and fascinating water and wellness areas. It's definitely worth a visit.


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