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Dobratsch circular route

The circuit, which is anticlockwise and therefore against everyday stress leading all the way around the mountain, reveals the unique wealth of the nature reserve region to the hiker. At the intersection of three cultures, Dobratsch is surrounded by a vibrant valley landscape, whose particular character and atmosphere are best experienced while walking.

The circular route set out by the Dobratsch nature reserve and its communities links so many different natural habitats and cultural landscapes that it could scarcely be more varied.

Despite the small radius of barely ten kilometres, the picture is constantly changing. Civilisation offers an interesting contrasting programme to the wonderful nature, with testimonies to history encountering you all the way. The highlights of the time journey are localities with significant cultural memorials and historical houses, along with traces of contemporary art and charming creations of everyday culture.

The range of gastronomy also leaves nothing to be desired. All the localities along the stages can be reached by public transport (three of them by train), providing a range of variations and possible shortcuts. The Dobratsch circular route therefore fulfils all the conditions for a short long-distance hike that will remain memorable.

The Dobratsch nature reserve measures 7250 hectares and consists of landscape, nature reserve and European reserve areas. It lies amidst the idyllic lakes landscape of Carinthia. The landscape is protected in order to preserve it. It is still possible to experience the nature reserve with all the senses. It contributes to an awareness of sustainability and nature, as well as ensuring the quality of life. Whether as a recreational area or as a journey of discovery for all those who want to understand and experience nature. The diversity of the oldest nature reserve in Carinthia is a recreational, cultural and educational experience. The nature reserve allows you be immersed in yourself, to experience oneself with all the senses, making nature part of every visitor.

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