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Villach's 5 most fascinating places

Elisabeth Fojan, a tourist guide and local, talks about the fascination of the city located on the Drau river

Villach, Austria's seventh largest city, is the hometown for more than 60,000 people. The southern city, which exudes warmth and hospitality due to its proximity to Slovenia and Italy, offers its inhabitants and guests the esprit of the city, the tranquillity and idyll of the lakes and a vision you only get on the peaks of the mountains.

1. The café-bar of the restaurant "Golden Lamb"
Right on the main square is the restaurant and Hotel Golden Lamb.
Located directly on the Drau and thus also on a former toll bridge, it has an exciting history as a former ‘Mauthaus’ - a late medieval tax office so to speak. The column in the middle of the traditional inn and the mighty vault could probably tell us some secrets from historic days.

2. The Rose Garden in Widmanngasse
Located opposite the city museum, there is an idyllic resting place in the middle of the old town, surrounded by roses and ivy. An oasis of tranquillity in the historic centre of Villach. A fountain with fresh drinking water provides refreshment.

3. The city parish church of "St. Jacob"
Inside, the church has a sling and net rib vault amongst other noteworthy works of art. Losing yourself in it and enjoying the impression offers moments of relaxation and reflection. With a bit of luck, you will hear the sounds of the organ.

4. Villach's courtyards
They are only a few meters from the main square and yet closed places with a very special charisma and charm: Villach's courtyards. They convey southern lightness, such as the Paracelsushof, which dates back to the Renaissance period.

5. The view from the Draubrücke
The Kreuzkirche, the Mittagskogel mountain and the Karawanken mountain range are an impressive backdrop when your view follows the course of the Drau.

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