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Ski Touring Race DreiländerATTeck

Experience Three Countries in Seconds

At the DreiländerATTeck competition, both pros and hobby touring skiers will get their money’s worth and fun is guaranteed. Due to the unique geographic location of the Dreiländereck mountain, the participants can experience three countries in only a few seconds. The next Ski Touring Race DreiländerATTeck takes place on February 25th 2022 at 18:00.

On a 3.3 km trail with an elevation of 750m, the ski tourers can prove their skills and stamina. Having arrived at the finish line, the participants can enjoy a pasta party, good company and many nice non-cash prizes. There are different entry categories such as racing class, enjoyment tourers and Snowrun (shoe ice grips, spikes, snow shoes).
Would you like to participate in the Ski Touring Competition DreiländerATTeck and demonstrate your skills? You can sign up on and find out further information about this event.


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