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King of Kanzi

The Climbing Festival for the Whole Family at the Kanzianiberg in Finkenstein

Over the last few years, the King of Kanzi Climbing Festival has made a name for itself in the sunny south of Austria. Hanging out in the climbing village, practicing on the slack lines, chatting with friends, challenging yourself by attempting the difficult routes during the climbing marathon in colourful leggings and tops, listening to exciting talks and much more. This is the King of Kanzi.

Colourful leggings and bright terrycloth sweatbands make the heart of Kanzianiberg’s Climbing Festival beat faster. During the annual climbing marathon on Saturday, celebrate the ‘good’ taste of 80s fashion by sporting 80s gear. Climbers can collect valuable points during the climbing marathon by climbing onsight. Enjoy the interplay of ambition and fun as over 300 routes are climbed during the 8-hour event. From Thursday to Sunday, scheduled around the climbing marathon, there is a varied programme including workshops, courses, lectures and much more – offering enjoyment for the whole family.



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